About Organisation

Welcome to Our Organisation!

AARA was established in 2005, as the Asian American Retailers Association. It is not for profit organization located in Springfield, NJ. AARA represents Convenience Stores, Gas Stations and Liquor Stores in the Tri-State area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The main objective of AARA is to protect retailers while delivering stronger and more profitable future for their business.


AARA has initiated different programs and projects to help our members. Our Preferred Vendor program is the example of one of the many programs and projects we have initiated. Our various product committees are able to utilize the strength and volume of our membership to negotiate and forge long-term relationships that favor our members. Our policy staff serves to further a broad legislative agenda on statewide issues that impact the community. In addition, AARA also offers a vast technological information network, the AARA Alert Program, through which we are able to inform our members of issues in real time. Currently we are developing health care and insurance programs as well.

Our tradeshows and monthly Network Nights also offer an excellent opportunity for various companies to expose their products and services to either all or select members. Thus AARA is an association, which develops policy, creates economic incentives, communicates vital information, exposes new products and services, and offers tools and strategies for growth. This diverse combination of programs makes AARA a unique forum. Moreover the experience and reputation of our leadership team make AARA a reliable and dependable organization.

We also want to take this opportunity to invite you and your colleagues to become a member if you have not already. Membership to AARA is simple and inexpensive. By becoming a member today, you will have access to the dozens of tools that AARA has to offer, and you can take advantage of this growing network. We also encourage you to get involved with the many committee positions.

We believe the Asian American Retailers Association is an excellent forum for the growing ethnic small business community in New Jersey. Attached is a description of what AARA membership offers you and a membership form.