Preferred Vendor!

AARA Preferred Vendor Program is a value add program to all AARA members and Vendors. AARA has been working to build up preferred vendor network to benefit both retailers and Vendors. AARA focuses on vendor’s Business activities and their products before giving them Preferred Vendor Status.

Preferred Vendor Benefits to AARA members.

  • AARA members can receive premier discount for the service provided by AARA Preferred Vendors or AARA Preferred Vendors provide excellent prices for their products/services to AARA members.
  • AARA members can claim rebate for different products and Services.

AARA Preferred Vendor Status offers Access to Independent Retail Community and get access to AARA retail members

Preferred Vendor Status Benefits to Vendors.

Company Ratings 2001-2014

Current AARA Preferred Vendors (Click Here)