About Trade Shows

“A Growing Organization Committed to Serve Retailers”

AARA organizes an annual Trade Show and that is association’s flagship event where retailers and verndors meet and greet each other. It is an exhibition where companies of Convenience Store, Gas and Liquor industry can demonstrate their product and services. AARA has been able to product a highly successful trade shows over the years and every year the trade show has became bigger and better with large number or retailers and vendors attending the show. Over 1200 retailers and 75 vendors participated in 2009 show, hence AARA show promises to be an event to promote your business and to make new contacts.

Trade Show offers following opportunities to Vendors.

  • Meeting the Decision makers of Independent Retail Establishment
  • Building a Brand Name Recognition
  • Introducing the New Products and Services
  • Developing an Important Marketing Base
  • The grassroots of retail industry
  • Meet owners from across the state
  • Make Valuable contacts

Tradeshow offers following Opportunities to Retail Members

  • Receive a group Purchase Incentives
  • Large number of One day special deals
  • Making a valuable contacts with both fellow Retailers and Vendors
  • Utilize valuable marketing Techniques
  • Learn about new Product and Services